The History of St.Erth

St. Erth takes its name from Saint Erc, one of the many Irish saints who brought Christianity to Cornwall during the Dark Ages, & is at the old crossing point of the River Hayle. The Cornish name of the place derives from St Uthinoch of whom little is known. Erc, son of Dago, is believed to have been a pagan druid & the only member of King Laoghaire,s retinue to pay homage to Saint Patrick during the latter’s confrontation with the druids at the Hill of Slane in 433. Dubhthach maccu Lugar was converted to Christianity by St. Patrick & appointed the first Bishop of Slane. St.Erc’s foundation at Slane stayed active for at least a six hundred years.

The Cornish Saint Erc is generally believed to be the same man. He was the brother of Saints Uny & La. He crossed from Ireland to Cornwall, where a church & the village of St. Erth were dedicated to him.

His feast in Cornwall is held on 31st October & his feast in Ireland is held on 2nd November.